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9 Common Problems of a Visionary Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is never advertised as a walk in the park. It takes plenty of risk, discipline and persistence. Here are nine common issues I have encountered throughout 17 years of building my own businesses and coaching other entrepreneurs over the last five years.

  1. You share your ideas and big visions with your team but it’s 2 months later and those ideas are still sitting on a whiteboard waiting for someone to actually start to implement them.

  2. You have a lifetime of unique experiences and education in your head, which means you are the only person who can perform the high level work as well as you do. If only you could clone yourself or extract all that knowledge and pass it on somehow.

  3. Your team interrupt you all day long with questions, decisions and problems so you don’t ever get your ‘real’ work done.

  4. You know you should probably make a new hire, but how do you ensure you will get an ROI on the time and money it will cost to hire and train them up? It’s just doesn’t seem worth it.

  5. You can’t trust your team to not make mistakes so you're always double checking their work, no-one has time for that!

  6. You know you should be really be looking at the numbers a little closer, but what are vanity metrics and what numbers actually matter? Anyways, tracking them is a full time job in itself!

  7. You would love to find great people to join your team and grow with it but this day and age no-one ever sticks around long enough to make investing in others worth it.

  8. You want to be able to step out of the business and finally take a decent break but the income would probably dry up if you are gone any longer than a week.

  9. You know you need to keep ahead of innovations and new tech advances in your industry (after all, if you don’t, your competitors will), but investing in new technology is not exactly in the budget right now.

The good news is, each of these issues can be addressed and overcome. As CEO and visionary it ultimately rests on you to create a culture and set up foundations that Innovate, Empower and Support™ your business to grow and reach the potential you envision.

The next best thing is to have a COO or Integrator that you can trust at your side. Perhaps you already have someone on your team that you can picture stepping into that role if they just had a bit more confidence in themselves? My mentoring program 'The Digital COO Accelerator' might be just the thing they need. You can found out more about it here.

Which of these problems currently ring true for you the most in your business right now? Are there any I’ve missed?

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