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Meet Laurie

COO / Integrator Mentor and Coach

Laurie Stirling has fulfilled the COO/ integrator role for over 17 years, in various service based businesses from web design, online coaching and even dental and health service industries.

Laurie's zone of genius is creating a systemised approach to decision making with and on behalf of CEOs, extracting knowledge from a CEO's head, training teams to work with autonomy, enhancing efficiency and ensuring a business continues to scale and grow using data and metrics.

Are you ready to do the same?


What I Specialize In

Team Leadership

Decision Making Tools

Data and Metrics Analysis

Strategic Planning

Tech Automation and Innovation

“Laurie understand the ins and outs of business so well, and has such a knack for identifying opportunities for growth, improvement and scaling. She has depth in her ability to analyse not only financial but also other business data, and make powerful and insightful recommendations.”

- Tash Corbin

“Laurie was a coach inside of my mastermind program, guiding the 30+ women in the group on hiring, project management, team building, and financial organization... Laurie is incredibly professional, knowledgeable, and thorough and I would absolutely recommend her to anyone looking for help with their business' operational efficiency. ”

- Christina Galbato

My COO @laurie.stirling has certainly kept me inspired ever since we started working together. 


She’s so smart, savvy, and not to mention adventurous...

- Dr Sonia Chopra 

Do you think you have what it takes to become a COO?

What is the difference between a COO and an OBM?

The official definition of an Online Business Manager (OBM) is "A virtual based support professional who manages online based businesses, including the day-to-day management of projects, launches, operations, creation and updating of standard operating procedures (SOPs), team hiring, onboarding, meetings and management on behalf of a CEO or Founder."

The role of an OBM is to make sure the right THINGS, get done at the right TIME, in the right WAY and by the right PEOPLE.

The role of a Chief Operations Officer (COO) - often referred to as an Integrator* - takes team and business management to the next level. 

As well as the above responsibilities, a COO also takes on important decision making needed for operations on behalf of, or in partnership with the CEO. A COO is responsible for tracking and analysing key business activities and metrics to find bottlenecks, missed opportunities or inefficiencies. A COO in partnership with the CEO will map out strategic plans and projects (usually quarterly), and takes responsibility for:​executing the plans, cultivating the team culture, helps team members achieve their metrics and KPIs, ensures accountability, manages outsourcing and leads the efforts of the team to achieve the big picture goals and vision set out by the CEO.

A key part the COO will play is cultivating open communication with the CEO with honest and dynamic feedback on the practical execution of the vision. The COO will also protect the CEOs time as the visionary and communicates the realistic availability of resources, both time and money in return on investment capabilities for new projects and ideas.


Are you ready to take the next step to fulfilling the COO role?

*FYI: 'An Integrator' is a similar title used for a COO or 'Head of Operations' 
which became popularised by Gino Wickman through his books 'Traction' and 'Rocket Fuel'. 

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