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Ready to up-level your Operations and COO skills?
You can currently work with me three ways...


Business Owners Operational Efficiency 1:1 Package

For business owners with minimal spare time who are feeling a little disorganised behind the scenes as your business grows.

Together we will build foundations and systems to grow and scale your business.


These are typically the topics we  cover in our 1:1 sessions, however these are just suggestions as we will navigate the areas you need most from your business:


1. Customer journey mapping, automation support + customer onboarding efficiency.

2. Project management (eg ClickUp set up), process mapping fundamentals, customer service procedures + SOP standardisation.

3. Identifying bottlenecks, prioritisation, lead and lag metrics.

4. Sales goals, sales planning, marketing strategies + vision

5. Team management, accountability, meetings, team check-ins, delegation, KPIs, communication + future development.

6. Financial cashflow management + dashboard creation.

7. Future team hiring + onboarding.

8. Quarterly strategic planning workshop


This is an x8 45min session package which can be used over a 12 month period but typically these are weekly or fortnightly sessions.


1 on 1 Business Consulting

Book 60 minutes via Zoom with me for personalised mentoring on any topic from team leadership and delegation, decision making tools, metrics and analytics, strategic planning and operational efficiency.

From £147 for single sessions or packages and workshops available

Online Course Launch Mockup.png

Digital COO Accelerator: 
1:1 Training and Mentoring for the 2nd-in-command

The Digital COO Accelerator is a hybrid 1:1 mentoring and module training program for Online Business Managers, Project Managers or Virtual Assistants wanting to uplevel their management and leadership skills, increase their value and become indispensable. 


The Accelerator includes x5 45 minute one-on-one mentoring, coaching and accountability sessions. It also has 8 self paced training modules for additional support and resources plus ongoing daily access to a mentor and community throughout and after the program is complete.


Each module has a different leadership or management area of focus, and these are specifically sequenced to maximise the partnership with your CEO, and increase your knowledge, skills, growth and mindset as well as teach you useful strategic tools without requiring long hours and burnout.

(payment plan available)

Fill the application form for more information and a free introductory call:

£1200 for an
8 session package 
(payment plan available)

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