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5 Steps To Becoming COO

Today I'm keen to share the top five skills you need to develop to become a Digital COO. As a Digital COO, you are the driving force behind the day-to-day operations of an online business. You're responsible for ensuring that everything runs smoothly and efficiently from managing the team to implementing new systems and processes. Here are the five steps to becoming a Digital COO:

Number 1 is mastering project management. As a digital COO, you'll be responsible for managing a team and ensuring that projects are completed on time and within budget. To do this effectively, you'll need to master project management skills, including task delegation, software and automation innovation, timeline management and budget tracking. OBMs or Online Business Managers are already in an excellent position to bring technological and industry experience to this role.

Next, we'll want to add building leadership skills. So, as a digital COO, you'll need to be an effective leader. This means being able to motivate and inspire your team while also holding them accountable for their work. Teach your team to work autonomously, providing decision-making tools, and performance indicators, working with them to create progress pathways and having a foundation for systems and processes to build on.

Number three is diagnosing inefficiencies. Use data and metrics dashboards to identify, measure, and improve bottlenecks in the delivery of your products or services.

Number four is developing a strategic mindset. A Digital COO is responsible for developing and implementing strategies that will help the business grow. To do this, you need to create strategic plans and future projections and be able to think critically about the business's goals and objectives, and equally as important, execute those ideas and measure results.

Number five is creating a legacy. So finally, the role of a digital COO is to build the assets and the systems of a business to work beyond the limitations of the founder of the business in order to serve more clients and grow the team and the business, cultivate innovation and serve customers. Without the founder or COO being a bottleneck for growth. A great place to start is extracting and capturing the knowledge and IP in the founder's head. Is the IP in the founder's head a repeatable process for others to follow that just needs to be captured and documented?

So, in conclusion, becoming a digital COO needs confidence and knowledge beyond just the basics of a typical OBM program, but it can be a very rewarding and lucrative career. By gaining experience, learning the technology, developing a strategic mindset, mastering project management, and building your leadership skills, you can become a successful digital COO and help take your business to the next level.

I wish you all the best on your journey to becoming a digital COO. If you think you might be a perfect candidate to become a COO, you can test your own skills through this link here.

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