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The Goals, Mission and Vision for my own Business

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

Recently I was asked about my own goals and vision for my business during one of my own market research interviews, which is a question I would normally ask someone else and I also like to dive into in the Pre-module of my Accelerator program. But I actually had the question returned to me. So I thought I would share the answer here.

I guess I could say there are two parts to my vision. The first is that I want to light a path where Business Owners can have more time back for their families, and their health and still help them make a bigger impact on others through their businesses. And my second is to build a legacy that goes beyond just me.

I hope to train a community of integrators and COOs that also support other business owners to extract themselves as the bottleneck of their business, who are helping to grow and create new jobs for their communities and build sustainable lifestyle businesses. Additionally, I want to create a community that shares ideas and lifts each other up instead of seeing each other as competition. This way, we can all be on the same page and build a great reputation for our industry.

My personal mission is to help women achieve financial independence and financial freedom. Eventually, I plan to achieve this by building a not-for-profit that can help support and fund start-up businesses for women. My personal goal for my business is to have 100 COOs or OBMs go through her program and become COOs and find their ideal business partnership. I'm working towards achieving this goal by the end of 2024.

Hopefully sharing these goals will help inspire you to get clear on your own goals, mission, and vision and share it with your team or find an integrator/visionary partnership whose goals, mission and vision are aligned with your own. I encourage anyone interested in joining my mission and joining my community of integrators and COOs to check out my accelerator details for more information or to reach out for a chat.

In conclusion, understanding and having clear goals, vision, and mission is essential for any business to be successful. By following the example provided, business owners can build a legacy that goes beyond themselves, create a community that lifts each other up, and help make a life-changing impact through their businesses too.

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