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The Single Most Important Job a COO Needs To Do

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

The single most important job a COO needs to do is to protect everyone's time. The CEO's time, your team's time, and your own time. The CEO needs support from the team to keep administration or lower priority tasks off their plate so that they can concentrate on their highest-generating income tasks and not be bogged down by the day-to-day. They need to be free to simply turn up and be the talent and share their view, their passion and the vision that they have for the company.

Then, we also need to make sure that you protect your time. Ensuring just because you have the know-how to do something that you still systemise and delegate that task and do not end up doing the work yourself. Delegate correctly so that your team doesn't end up needing to come back to you to ask questions or for you to always need to make decisions for them, causing holdups and delays.

We also need to protect your team's time. Give clear instructions. Don't have unnecessary meetings, or at least reduce the time spent in meetings, encouraging everyone to take care of things that can be communicated by email or message beforehand. Also protect your team's time being spent on tasks that are not in their zone of genius or are not a priority right at this time. Because time is always a limited resource, we want to make sure the priority is going to the right areas. There may be high seasons and low seasons, so non-priority tasks or ideas can be put back in the toy box for a season that is less busy. Always be looking to spot inefficiencies and where you can bring solutions to the table. The single most important job a COO needs to do is protect our time.

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