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Replay: Breaking into the C-Suite - How OBMs can position themselves for COO success!


Next Cohort begins April 25th 2023

The Digital COO Accelerator is a 9-week small group program for those who want to upskill their management and leadership abilities, increase their value, and become indispensable. It is ideal for OBMs, project managers, and high-level VAs who are enthusiastic about creating fulfilling careers on their own terms. It is led by Laurie Stirling, an experienced entrepreneur, COO, CFO, Integrator, and business coach who specializes in service-based industries such as health, coaching, marketing, and tech.

The program is comprised of structured masterclasses, live hot-seat coaching, accountability assignments, and two one-on-one private mentoring sessions throughout the program. Each week focuses on a different leadership or management area of expertise, and these are specifically sequenced to maximize the partnership with the CEO, increase knowledge, skills, growth, and mindset, and teach useful strategic tools without requiring long hours and burnout.

The program is a high-touch group masterclass, mentoring, and masterminding program, with eight masterclasses, eight Q&A sessions, an implementation week, two VIP 1:1 mentoring calls, access to a private forum exclusive to the Digital COO Accelerator alumni community, lifetime access to the masterclass recordings, templates and strategic implementation tools to nurture your team and address mindset.

Module topics include: 

  • The CEO/COO relationship, vision + roles

  • Team autonomy and delegation skills 

  • Business cycles, growth + bottlenecks

  • Utilizing data, metrics + dashboards

  • Team happiness + culture

  • Financial goals and projections

  • Strategic planning + executing ideas

  • Negotiating your salary

The Digital COO Accelerator is for those who are committed to building an epic and sustainable career as a COO, who want to bring their best to the table, and who are ready to invest in their growth and development.

April 2023 cohort fees are $1497 with payment plans available.

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